Short Description:

Product name: 3PE/3PP steel pipe

Coating type: 3PE, FBE, epoxy coating, thermal insulation pipe.

Standard: DIN 30670, DIN 30671, AWWA C213, AWWA C215 etc.

Coating thickness:

3PE: 1.0 – 4.5mm

FBE: 100 – 500μm

Coated pipe OD:

3PE/FEB: 34 – 1620mm

Product Detail




3PE/ 3PP anti-corrosion and single-layer PE anticorrosive

1. 3PE/3PP anticorrosive:

Three-layer structure of PE pipe corrosion: the first layer of powder epoxy ( FBE > 100um ), the second layer of adhesive

(AD ) 170~250um, a third layer of polyethylene or polypropylene 2.5~3.7mm. Three materials integration, and with the

steel firm toform an excellent coating.

2. Single PE anti-corrosion steel:

single layer PE is the use of anti-corrosion steel curtain coating process ( also known as curtain method ), the steel pipe

after rotation frequency heating, steel top is fitted with a polyethylene powder container by pouring dusted steel tube surface

polyethylene coating.

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    Available Quality Standards
    DIN 30670 for three-layer extruded and one-or mult-layered sintered polyethylene-based coatings
    DIN 30671 thermoset plastic coating for buried steel pipes
    DIN 30678 polypropylene coatings for steel pipes
    CAN/CSA Z245.20/-Z245.21-02 external fusion bond epoxy coating for steel pipe/external polyetlene coating for pipe
    SY/T4013-2002 for transport water, gas, oil, pilling coating
    SY/T0315-97 PE coating for buried steel pipe
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