How to Improve the Welding Speed of Spiral Pipe

For ceramic squeeze roller, used for the manufacture of stainless steel and non-ferrous metal tube profiles. Accordingly, thick-walled spiral pipe to obtain a good surface quality of the pipe, sufficient cooling is necessary. Cooling mode can be used m extrusion roll side spray coolant or cooled by extrusion axis of the central through hole, when welding thick-walled spiral pipe high speed, can be used both inside and outside the cooling mode.
Seam guide system: For most diameter and wall thickness is a simple slide seam guide sheet to meet the requirements. The la rge diameter and thick dry wall, it is usually selected rotary seam guide rolls. Both types are likely to supplement the vertical roll and the fight to overcome the resilience and help provide additional control.
Seam guide is the best position in front of the welding contacts or induction coils. Seam guide tubes must be insulated to ensure that live edge. Otherwise part of the spiral pipe high-frequency induction current will flow upward along fault lines along the seam guide rather than flow down along the V-shaped surface flows.

Post time: Feb-25-2021